Master Bathroom Swap

Master Bathroom Swap

Master suites have evolved over the decades, mostly in size -- with master bedrooms increasing in square footage, closets tripling in size, and shower systems becoming more and more luxurious. When your suite is stuck somewhere in the middle -- generous bedroom and sunroom off the bedroom, but insufficient master closet space and no water closet -- a remodel is just the ticket.

Smith Whole House Remodel

Smith Whole House Remodel

It is not often that in the suburban sprawl of Atlanta you find a house that seems unique. Each style or fad that passed through the city left its mark, from the Arts and Crafts bungalows from the early 20th century, to the low slung houses from the 60's and 70's to the split-level craze of the 90's. This house, however, defies stereotyping.

Historical Fireplace

Historical Fireplace

Our owners, Ben & Stephanie, recently finished their custom new home in Cumming, GA, and if you followed their journey, you'll know they started with inspiration in the form of the beautiful stone cottage in Transylvania County, NC. They even had the opportunity to tour the interior of the home, thanks to the gracious homeowners. One of the interior features that Ben knew he wanted to bring to their Cumming, GA home was the three piece stone fireplace.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Long term projects like new homes have their pacing -- certain parts of the project appear to go quickly, certain parts seem to take longer. External forces like permits, inspections, and the weather can each have their own role in slowing or speeding a job up. As the end of a project draws to a close, time seems to hit fast forward. There's never enough time, seemingly, but so much is being accomplished each day! 

Farmhouse Revival

Farmhouse Revival

The essence of farmhouse design is more than just artsy throw pillows and or rustic signs with painted farm animals hung on the walls. A true farmhouse design is much more focused on connections -- connecting the true heart of the home, the kitchen, more intimately with the living areas, and making it not just beautiful, but highly functional and comfortable. 

Roswell Remodel, Part 2

Roswell Remodel, Part 2

Work on the interiors is steadily transforming the Kray house into a modern home with an outstanding view. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are getting a completely new look and new layout. The wall separating the dining room and kitchen was demolished, and the two rooms will switch spots in the floor plan. The window which used to be in the old dining room was removed to provide more wall space for cabinets, but more light is brought into the new great room with a large picture window and 10' sliding glass door from Pella onto their wraparound deck facing the golf course. 

Roswell Remodel

Tucked away in wooded golf-course lot, a 1980's home boasted gorgeous views, but an exterior and interior that needed more than a facelift. Our whole home remodeling team, working alongside architect Steven T. Giampetro, moved, removed and added walls on the first floor as part of a redesign of the master bath, office, kitchen, and living room. The upstairs and basement are both getting updated, with the upstairs bath being completely remade for plumbing stubs up to tile! 

The Making of a House

Building a home is both a science and an art. It requires faith and hard work. No wonder the process is frequently used as a metaphor for life, and sometimes we use life as a metaphor for building a home.  "The making of a house is a strange blend of dreams and mundane work, of heaven and earth" is the way that Paul Goldberger, the architectural critic for the New York Times described it. The dreams, the inspiration and the exacting, careful, back-breaking labor come together in such a tangible way.


Though NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) meets regularly to educate members, its main purpose is to help consumers get the most reliable, knowledgeable, and dependable remodelers for their projects. But sometimes... there are also tasty treats! Check out the Jenn-Air chefs preparing a few snacks at our recent gathering at Ferguson's. Salmon, anyone? 

Decisions that Impact

When embarking upon any project, remodel or design & build, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions to be made. The list of decisions marches through the homeowner's mind. What kind of windows should I choose?  What kind of handles do I want on this sink? What kind of shutter dogs should I choose? How about the style of siding? 

Inspiration House

A drive in the mountains often takes us through interesting twists and turns. A long view over the valley and the next range, a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint, or an explosion of autumn reds and oranges are all just around the bend. But these surprises are hoped for, expected. Sometimes a drive through the mountains brings something unlooked for -- inspiration. In our story, a house around the bend in a North Carolina road is the instigator, a first step in journey for our homeowners. This isn't just anyone's story, it's Ben and his family's, and it's not just another remodel. 

A Better Backyard

In the Atlanta-area this week, summer paid a visit. The warm air brought visions of poolside siestas, lake breezes, and ice cold margaritas on the deck. Or maybe you got a whiff of baking concrete, the feeling you need another shower by the time you arrive at work, or the listless feeling of laying on your couch waiting for your struggling A/C to keep up with the Georgia heat. A common theme emerges.

Farmhouse Kitchen: Demo

A swift perusal through the latest home remodeling magazines will give a taste of the very diverse ideas trending in kitchen design right now. However, it seems that no matter the style, in design there is something that unites the current trend in kitchen remodels -- the open floor plan.  What have we learned from the past? Walls are confining; they separate. Upper cabinets aren't really necessary for storage. The work of the kitchen doesn't have to be separated from relaxation or talk or togetherness. The result? Kitchens that are more connected to the rest of the home. Moms & dads rejoice! We can work AND play, talk AND cook, wash AND help with homework. 

Our homeowners are taking their new property and reworking the kitchen to reflect a better work flow period, and certainly a greater degree of connectedness with other areas of the home. They had been planning to remodel their previous home, and had contacted Ben during the quote process. When this new property popped on the horizon, Stacy and Todd felt that it was the best of both worlds. While it still needed some work to make it home, they could do the work BEFORE they moved in. Stacy emailed Ben and asked for a fresh quote on a new house and a new plan. Pictures showcase some of the problems they plan to address in their remodel. 

the plan

The original design elements for this kitchen were not cohesive -- beautiful hardwood floors, a 'natural' finish on the cabinets, black appliances and a white countertop. The failed attempt to pull it all together? The stone backsplash. On a structural level, to create a hallway behind this wall, the builder devised two diagonals to ease the corners. This created a very poor working space between the perimeter cabinets and the island. In fact, the refrigerator door couldn't be opened by someone standing in front of the sink!

The plan? Knock down a few walls and get rid of the awkward angles and arched entrances. New kitchen cabinets, a new layout, and new countertops. Add a door, replace a door, and move a door. All pulled together with a cohesive Farmhouse style  -- Shaker cabinets, a glass door into the pantry, planking & beams in the vaulted ceiling over the table, and an incredible show-stopper of a two-story fireplace. 


The peninsula and half wall of upper cabinets were perhaps functional, but certainly not beautiful and really cut off the working part of the kitchen from the living room completely. The wall to the left and the wall straight ahead are both on the chopping block. 

A better view from the living room -- awkward peninsula, wouldn't you say?


On your marks? Get ready, get set & GO! It's demo time. Out first? The appliances, cabinets, and countertops, then drywall. 

Now for the other side. 

The short header has got to go to make way for a new longer one that will cover the entire span of the new opening. 

In it goes -- this will disperse the load of the upstairs and roof and enable the wall framing to come on down. 

Meanwhile, across the way, a two story fireplace surround is going up. This accent wall is going to create the perfect focal point for the great-room and will tie into the planking on the kitchen ceiling.. 


See something you like? Here are more pictures of finished projects & kind words from clients. Have a project in mind? Give us a shout!

Modern Lake House Remodel

Beautiful lot, views of Georgia's Lake Lanier from 3 sides of this ranch home on a basement -- sounds like a vacation, right? Maybe if you also wanted to take a step back onto the set of That 70's Show or The Brady Brunch. Our homeowners recently purchased their own fixer upper on the lake and are ready for a huge change. 

This original homeowners bought the home, decorated, bought furniture and moved in and then spent the next 30 years maintaining and preserving this home by the lake. They did such a great job preserving that they never felt the need to replace any of it. We are talking 70's perfection: shag carpet, gloriously vintage floral wall-paper, a television that looks like an end table, and all the decade's favorite colors in the bathrooms -- avocado green, earthy brown, and tawny orange.   

Our new homeowners are planning to bring this home way into the 21st century with a modern twist in their design phase. Can't wait to see the finished product, can you?

Let's take a walk through this lake house in all of it's "before" glory. 

The laundry-kitchen combo has GOT to go. Everything from the tile flooring, cabinets with a center ring-pull, faux brick backsplash is heading out of the kitchen during demo. The dining room is being transformed into a pantry, laundry, mudroom SEPARATE from the kitchen. 

This bathroom, though designed in the 70's, has come back into fashion, but it is not our homeowner's cup of tea. This 30 year old tile & wallpaper in the bathroom (ew!) are going, too. 

Needless to say, this furniture suite is heading out of the door, hopefully to a good home, and the amber shaded fixture that is WAY too small for this family room is also outta here. The rustic stone fireplace surround will be replaced by a modern stone fireplace surround. The homeowners are putting an addition (using the same footprint of the porch) onto the family room. 


This avocado green showcases how beautifully this home was preserved -- check out how WHITE that grout is. All this is going, going, gone! 

So, what do you think? Is this 70's home in need of a change?