Master Bathroom Swap

Master suites have evolved over the decades, mostly in size -- with master bedrooms increasing in square footage, closets tripling in size, and shower systems becoming more and more luxurious. When your suite is stuck somewhere in the middle -- generous bedroom and sunroom off the bedroom, but insufficient master closet space and no water closet -- a remodel is just the ticket.

Mixed flooring, mixed ceiling heights, and small walk-in closet were some of the issues our homeowners wanted to address, along with updating all of the finishes (say goodbye brass!)


The first to go was all of the flooring, which has been dividing up the space in the bedroom, accentuating the fact that the sun room was in fact, an after-thought. When this addition was made years ago, a large beam was used to replace the previous load-bearing wall. During the demo, we found that the beam was compromised, and really NEEDED to be replaced for more than just aesthetic reasons.

van nort 3.jpg
van nort 7.jpg

Inside the bathroom, everything had to go -- no more wall to wall mirrors or six-light "show biz" fixtures.

Out came the corner garden tub with MORE wall to wall mirroring.

van nort.jpg


Now the great redesign could begin. First, the closet & dressing room swapped sides with the bathroom and will now be on the exterior wall of the house, opening into the bathroom proper, not into the bedroom. The whole bathroom & dressing area is also gaining square footage from the ample bedroom by moving the wall a few feet. 


A new tiled walk-in shower is replacing the fiberglass shower.

van nort 8.jpg

Spacious and luxurious! The marble, shower shelves, seat, and stone floor provide interest, good use of space, and a lot more function to this bathroom. This before picture gives the true scope of this dramatic improvement. From a dark, poorly lit corner shower boasting itty bitty living space to the gorgeous and expansive new shower with a real wow-factor -- quite a change!


Cristian is installing the basket-weave marble tile throughout the bathroom, plus you get a sneak peak at Shaker-style cabinets in a soft gray. The geometric shapes provide a pleasing contrast to the natural look of the shower floor and the tiny black squares in the floor design ground the space -- giving the sea of grey a foundation.


One of the neatest custom solutions to the main problem of insufficient lighting are the sun-tunnels that we are installing to bring daylight into a bathroom with no exterior walls. No more wall to wall mirroring necessary to bounce light and make the space feel more open -- thank you sun-tunnels.

This bathroom swap is nearing completion, and the Van Nort's master suite will turn in their dated, disjointed bathroom and bedroom into a light-filled, luxurious retreat.