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Reimagine your basement into the functional space for your family.

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Your basement may have a better purpose than being the catch-all for everything that does not have a place in your home.

Shouldn’t every square inch of your home, including your basement, have a purpose?

Cobb-webbed, dark, eerie and empty basements often become underutilized, catch-all square feet making them feel like a disorganized storage unit rather than an extension of your home.

However, that doesn’t have to be the scenario for your basement. With three generations of Benjamin Andrew Construction’s inherited skills and craftsmanship, we can help transform a dark and dingy basement into a functional space for your family. There are several ways to utilize this space, perhaps a playroom for the kids, an office, a workout room, game room, movie theater, or an apartment with all the bells and whistles.

Comprehensively transforming your basement into a functional space for you.

Basements can serve a variety of purposes to make the space more functional and happen to be one of the more cost-effective renovation projects for homeowners. Our team at Benjamin Andrew Construction comprehensively transforms your basement into a space that fits and functions for your family’s current and future needs.

Managing a basement renovation from start to finish requires several moving parts, such as hiring quality subcontractors, permitting, furnishings, and more. Instead of trying to manage and oversee every microdetail, we do it all for you. Having decades of experience in the industry, we can best equip you for what it takes to successfully remodel your basement and even anticipate any hiccups that may surface along the way.

Whether it is a space for the kids to play or the entertainment mecca of your home, we have the expertise and skills to transform your basement into the space you need.

Our thorough, detail oriented research, craftsmanship, and work ethic allows us to provide you with the basement you always imagined.

Anticipating Every Detail of Your Basement Remodel

Investing the time and resources necessary to detail every square inch of your basement remodel.

We create functional basement spaces with no surprises.

You can reimagine your basement a hundred different ways, but there may be a few things that you didn’t anticipate happening. We invest a great deal of time and resources into your project before we begin so that you have a detailed understanding of what is involved in making your basement the functional space you need.

At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we can help mitigate and eliminate surprises that may surface throughout your remodel and provide you with the most accurate estimate in our design agreement, including:

  • Our estimated time and each detail of the project
  • Engineered set of blueprints that are good for permitting
  • Designer
  • (Optional) interior designer to help you select the best furnishings

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Our company’s purpose is to elevate your construction experience through our commitment to glorify God, be principled and joyful in our approach to building — executing each project with a craftsman’s eye and attention to detail.

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