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Bathrooms serve a variety of purposes. Is yours serving yours?

Designing A Relaxation Mecca In Your Bathroom

Most bathrooms have designated spaces for the toilet, tub, shower, and sink making it a challenge to re-imagine the space into a functional one for you. Without the help of a professional remodeling team, you can feel frustrated pining for the shower to be on the other side of the room, more storage space, or more square feet to relax and unwind.

Our team’s expertise, craftsmanship, and expansive resources can make your bathroom oasis a reality.

Benjamin Andrew Construction comprehensively approaches your bathroom remodel to make it function how you do and create a relaxation spa you may never want to leave.

Designing a space where you can feel relaxed and refreshed.

Bathrooms may be one of the smaller rooms in your home, but they are one of the more frequented spaces. Whether you are performing your skin care routine, getting ready for the day, or enjoying a soak in the tub, you should not have to feel dysfunctional in it.

Benjamin Andrew Construction can transform a dingy and cramped bathroom into the functional oasis you need to feel relaxed and refreshed. We focus on the big picture but also understand that the little details are what make the space work best for you, such as layered lighting, toiletry niches, storage spaces and more.

We eliminate surprises from the very beginning.

Researching the micro details of your bathroom remodel to eliminate surprises down the road.

There are several potential surprises that can surface as you undergo a bathroom remodel. At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we understand the importance of having a clear, detailed outline to make your dream bathroom a reality.That is why we invest such a substantial amount of time researching every detail of your bathroom remodel, including:

  • Our estimated time and each detail of the project
  • Engineered set of blueprints that are good for permitting
  • Designer
  • (Optional) interior designer to help you select the best furnishings

By putting in such a high-level of research into every detail of your bathroom remodel project from the start, we can help mitigate and avoid any surprises down the road. Our thorough, detail oriented approach allows us to provide you with the bathroom oasis you had hoped for—the first time.

Every step we take at Benjamin Andrew Construction is designed to help improve the way you live.

From Dingy to Oasis

We ensure that every detail of your bathroom remodel, from research to the finished product, is designed with your aesthetics and lifestyle in mind so that your bathroom is a livable space where you can relax.

When we complete your bathroom remodel, you will finally be able to feel at home in this unique space.

From our high-level of attention to detail to our superior and timeless craftsmanship, our team is dedicated to providing you with value and results that will function in your life for a long time. Call us today to learn how we can transform your bathroom into the relaxing oasis it should be.

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Our company’s purpose is to elevate your construction experience through our commitment to glorify God, be principled and joyful in our approach to building — executing each project with a craftsman’s eye and attention to detail.

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