The Door Doctor

If you've done any pricing lately (or even just some new home walkthroughs) you will know that doors and windows are not what they used to be. Basic models are hollow-core, light-weight things that you don't need to be Superman to punch a hole through. Real, solid, wood doors are luxuries, especially on the interior of your home. 

Our old Atlanta home remodel had a number of interior doors that had been painted over the years, but were too precious to trash. It's been our privilege on this project to work on a customized rebuilding of some of these doors for use in the renovated space. The doors came down, and our new project manager, Ian, worked to retool them for a new size and a new place. 

Is upcycling just a flea market buzz word, or is there a real craftsman's approach to refashioning and reusing things that have become unusable?



But perhaps the most creative, customized upcycling on this project is the next one. Does this look like treasure to you?

Door frames could have gone to the dumpster, but instead, a little extra time and skill turned them into a part of this.

A new cubby system for the entryway -- seat top courtesy of old door frames. It takes great teamwork to see this kind of possibility in door frames, and craftsman willing to take the time to turn something that could have found a home in a dumpster into something useful and beautiful.

Another quick peak at the painted exposed brick -- are you getting excited about this room? This remodeling project is just getting started -- more construction to come!