Project Update: Pavilion Complete

Variety is the spice of life, so it's said. The variety of jobs coming through Benjamin Andrew Construction's doors keeps each project fresh. Nothing feels stale because nothing is repeated. #CustomConstructionSolutions, right? Occasionally, we have another company ask us to collaborate on a proposal. When Ed Castro Landscape approached us to work together on an exciting project for the City of Norcross, we jumped at the chance. They provide the landscape, and we provide the construction expertise! 

Great Teamwork

The finished product has both style & durability, and more personality than the typical utilitarian structures that dot our local parks. The fall themed raised garden beds, bird feeder, and backyard bbq make this public space feel like home. 

A good team is made of strong players  -- we loved working with the other half of our team on this design. Thanks Ed Castro Landscape. We hope the community enjoys this custom construction solution!

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Vendor Highlight: Ed Castro Landscaping