Aging in Place: Redefined

Who says aging in place renovations have to be boring? Industrial looking fixtures, function over beauty. Our clients decided that although they were going to be forward thinking about their renovations, they would not abandon style. 

Aging in Place: the Facts

With approximately 10,000 people turning 65 everyday, 45% of all Homeowners will be over 55 by the year 2020.
— National Aging in Place Council

The National Association of Homebuilders estimates that over 70% of homeowners are making changes to their home to plan for their own future needs or the needs of their parents. What is the number one remodel? A barrier-free bathroom. Changes such as low threshold or no threshold showers, shower seats, single handle faucet controls, and single handle faucet controls are popular design solutions. Our homeowners decided to get rid of their bath, and create a large zero entry shower with handrails & a shower bar, but did not sacrifice any style to do so. 

Some before shots help paint the picture. The master bath was moderately sized with outdated wallpaper, shower stall and separate bath needed updating, reconfiguring, and some pizzazz. 

The stainless handrails do not detract from this zero-entry shower in the least. They are integrated into the design both by color and texture. 

DSC_9812 (2).jpg

Tile selected from Traditions in Tile combines a warm brown with cool pewter accent tones. The accent tiles are on trend, and the shower bar  is both a practical and beautiful choice. It allows the typically unwieldy handshower cord to be controlled, and turns hand-shower into a hands-free experience with a lot of flexibility.  

Aging in Place: With Style

Here come the style points in spades, though. Our homeowners went with some bold and on trend choices that are also appropriate for an aging-in place remodel. The custom vanity creates more space for wheelchair access in the bathroom, and the single handle faucet control is easier to maneuver. 

Check out these beautiful vessel sinks that really add some glitz to this bathroom. The pebble vessel bathroom sink sparkles and reflects the granite vanity top. 

This single channel tall spout faucet from Ferguson doesn't scream "aging in place remodel," it says on trend & glamor. 

This remodel should forever redefine your idea of aging in place or handicap accessible remodeling. It's possible to do it by thinking about the future AND the enjoying the present. Provide for future possibilities AND stay on trend. Together with Benjamin Andrew Construction, these homeowners created a space that is both beautiful and functional!

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Highlighted Vendors:

Tile: Traditions in Tile

Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson

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