Old or New?

Ah, the age old question. In the word "renovation" is one opinion - new is better! Your old siding, windows, kitchen, bathroom--they have to go! "Out with the old and in with the new" is a time-worn slogan with reason. However, there is something comforting, familiar, and nostalgic about the old. This question creeps into every area of our modern existence. Do you prefer old books or new? Do you want old songs or new songs? Old-fashioned or new-fangled?


I think we can all agree that when old means falling apart, dangerous, deteriorated, and outdated, we should throw out the old! Rot or mold in your cladding? Rip it off! Hole in your roof? Get it fixed. However, sometimes old is a bit harder to define. An old kitchen might one that served your family faithfully years ago, but doesn't serve your current needs well. An old deck or patio could be one that served a smaller or less active family, but doesn't have enough space for you now. Now's a good time to evaluate, anything old around here that needs renewing? 

Another part of the old v. new conundrum is in the realm of style. Modern, industrial, avant garde and minimalism are all styles of the new. But in fashion, old does not have to be a bad word; it has been revitalized. Rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, vintage, and country styles all pay homage to the way things used to be, sometimes using brand new products and sometimes, making use of the upcycled, recycled, or antique. 

Finding your balance is the key. In one of our favorite kitchen transformations, you'll find a perfect blend: a new space that uses and honors the old, while bringing in the new to craft a hard-working, efficient space right in the center of the home.


gas cooktop, granite countertops, custom cabinets

{old} a perfect blend of the old and the new made to feel vintage

farmhouse table, oriental rug, stained glass transom, farmhouse chandelier


minimalistic all-in-one faucet with pull down sprayer


blue & white plates, tin pendant with a pin-pricked shade


This project was just part of a larger remodeling project we did for our clients, which included a two-story addition that housed a kitchen & laundry room, along with a master bathroom. Our clients, together with the Benjamin Andrew Construction team created a cohesive project that combined elements of the old into this new addition on a log farmhouse for a perfectly balanced, livable, and beautiful space to enjoy. 

Want to get started on a renewing project at your house? Let's start a conversation--we'd love to help!