The Making of a House

Building a home is both a science and an art. It requires faith and hard work. No wonder the process is frequently used as a metaphor for life, and sometimes we use life as a metaphor for building a home.  "The making of a house is a strange blend of dreams and mundane work, of heaven and earth" is the way that Paul Goldberger, the architectural critic for the New York Times described it. The dreams, the inspiration and the exacting, careful, back-breaking labor come together in such a tangible way. Proverbs phrases it this way, "By wisdom is a house built." We are so thankful to all of the wisdom that has come together -- from the architect of the inspiration house (William Stickley), to our architect, every supply company, to the sub-contractors -- to create a beautiful home.

Here is a visual record of the last two months which have transformed a piece of land to a hole in the ground, and now, a 3-story home tucked into the trees.

Kitchen 7.JPG

Preparing to pour the foundation. Not the most glamorous step, but probably one of the most important!

The floor systems on the first level. Rear view.

Kitchen 9.JPG

Careful measuring to ensure that the framing is according to spec. 

Kitchen 4.JPG

Ben and Stephanie at the front of their home as the subs begin to work on the second floor. 

Kitchen 11.JPG

That was fast! The second and third floors plus plywood walls and roof  really begin to bring shape to the house. The first floor will contain all of the common living areas, the second floor houses the master suite and little man's bedroom, while the third floor tucked under the roof in the attic space will house the girl's bedrooms. This is an efficient use of space from foundation to rafters. 

Kitchen 21.JPG

Fits perfectly in it's surroundings, don't you think?

Kitchen 22.JPG
Kitchen 23.JPG

And this just happened last week -- the windows begin to add the home's character, and pay homage to the Inspiration Home. 

So, here in the simple processes of planning, measuring, cutting, and nailing -- the strange blending of dream and mundane work continues. The making of a house.

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