Modern Lake House Remodel

Beautiful lot, views of Georgia's Lake Lanier from 3 sides of this ranch home on a basement -- sounds like a vacation, right? Maybe if you also wanted to take a step back onto the set of That 70's Show or The Brady Brunch. Our homeowners recently purchased their own fixer upper on the lake and are ready for a huge change. 

This original homeowners bought the home, decorated, bought furniture and moved in and then spent the next 30 years maintaining and preserving this home by the lake. They did such a great job preserving that they never felt the need to replace any of it. We are talking 70's perfection: shag carpet, gloriously vintage floral wall-paper, a television that looks like an end table, and all the decade's favorite colors in the bathrooms -- avocado green, earthy brown, and tawny orange.   

Our new homeowners are planning to bring this home way into the 21st century with a modern twist in their design phase. Can't wait to see the finished product, can you?

Let's take a walk through this lake house in all of it's "before" glory. 

The laundry-kitchen combo has GOT to go. Everything from the tile flooring, cabinets with a center ring-pull, faux brick backsplash is heading out of the kitchen during demo. The dining room is being transformed into a pantry, laundry, mudroom SEPARATE from the kitchen. 

This bathroom, though designed in the 70's, has come back into fashion, but it is not our homeowner's cup of tea. This 30 year old tile & wallpaper in the bathroom (ew!) are going, too. 

Needless to say, this furniture suite is heading out of the door, hopefully to a good home, and the amber shaded fixture that is WAY too small for this family room is also outta here. The rustic stone fireplace surround will be replaced by a modern stone fireplace surround. The homeowners are putting an addition (using the same footprint of the porch) onto the family room. 


This avocado green showcases how beautifully this home was preserved -- check out how WHITE that grout is. All this is going, going, gone! 

So, what do you think? Is this 70's home in need of a change?