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Family Room Addition

By September 18, 2019August 20th, 2021No Comments

We’re rolling out another whole room addition — replacing an old poured patio with a brand new living space for the family.


A skidsteer + concrete breaker carves the patio into chunks which we cart off, and the opening in the house is boarded up to protect the integrity of the rest of the house.

Exterior build

The ground cleared, the BAC team is ready to pour the new foundation.

We allow the foundation to cure and then the real fun begins. The framing goes up & at last, the true shape of the project is clear.

The roofing presents a small challenge — we had to factor in the existing roof line, and the windows in the second story of the home. The low pitched gable roof adds some texture and introduces some different lines to the rear of the home, without obstructing any views from upstairs.


Tucked away in a shady spot, this room will offer panoramic views of the backyard.

One of our most popular project types — adding beautiful, livable space to enjoy the outdoors. This family room addition makes the most of floor to ceiling glass but will have all the advantages of central heating & air to make the temperature just right. We can’t wait to start the next phase of our Suwanee project— cladding, sheet rock, flooring, windows, doors, and paint. What would you put in this family room?

Have an idea for an addition to your house to help you #lovewhereyoulive? We’d love to talk!