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To all of our current homeowners and future clients,

This is a very unsettling time. Changes are happening on an international, national, and local scale weekly and sometimes daily. It is a great comfort to believe in God’s promises to us and trust in Him for our daily bread. The Lord does all things well and he will provide for us as he has shown our entire life. He promises us that he will never leave us. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He is a great Lord and King and is very kind and patient with his sheep. I rest completely in him every day and I encourage you to do the same. We do need to press on with our trust in Him and efforts with what the Lord has given us to do. His glory is our focus. Have a thankful mindset and let one another know about the rest we have in him during this time.

This mindset of finding rest and peace even during difficult trials doesn’t mean that we ignore the trials. At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we have always had a policy of treating our homeowner’s houses like we would like our own homes to be treated and have made it our mission to be conscientious and respectful. What does that mean during this Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Order? We know that simply taking a break is not an option. In order for people to stay at home comfortably, we know we must finish the work that the we have before us as quickly as possible. We are taking precautions with our team to follow the health and safety guidelines for Georgia by following social distancing protocol — maintaining 6 feet of distance between homeowners and ourselves, and between our workers as well. When appropriate we will use Protective Equipment and plastic partitions to separate the workers space from the family space. We will use other means of communication in lieu of in person communication.

“Have a thankful mindset, and let one another know about the rest we have in him during this time.” ~ Ben Kitchen

If you have been thinking about a remodeling or renovation project, but are waiting to see what happens before making decisions, we encourage you to use the possible downtime you have to start researching and getting in touch with us. What better time to get all of your thoughts organized and questions asked. We’d love to walk you through designing your project and there are so many tools that make collaboration work just as well even while social distancing. Consider working with our sales and design team on a Houzz planning board or Zoom conference call. We’d love to talk.