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Kitchen Remodeling

By September 2, 2020August 17th, 2021No Comments

A number of our current projects have involved remodeling kitchens — complete redesigns that served to answer some of our clients biggest kitchen problems. Have you ever caught yourself saying things like this?

  • “What are you guys saying? Stop saying anything important! I’m in the kitchen. Wait until I can join you in the living room.”
  • “Johnny, can you go get the cans of diced tomatoes from the basement/garage/upstairs closet?”
  • “Can I help you with anything?”
  • “Um, no, my kitchen can’t really fit another person in here!”
  • “Dad, I need help with my math!”
  • “Oh, well, I’m making dinner. . . bring it over so I can see it. Oh, there’s nowhere to sit down or put your math book? I guess you’ll have to ask your mother.” (Well, maybe this isn’t such a bad scenario!)

You can insert your own scenario. Of course, COVID Stay at Home to Learn and Work initiatives have only pushed us home and into our kitchens and shared spaces even more.

A few of homeowners have tackled problems just like this and are working towards beautiful solutions that make homes work better for living, eating, cooking, learning, doing school or working.

A multi-cook kitchen, open to the living room with plenty of space to host visitors, helpers and kids doing homework at the island.

Customized storage in the pantry. No more greasy wire shelves!

This kitchen went with a bold solution to add natural lighting and used a cabinet to ceiling window that even wraps around the corner! This will also be a multi-cook open to the family living space.

Check out this lighting! The granite guy can’t believe it himself.

Bathrooms & kitchens aren’t the ONLY places you might need sink and some counterspace. This mudroom / laundry room entry by the backdoor will see plenty of use!

This kitchen has expanded the U-shaped kitchen to include a hefty-peninsula with two rows of lower cabinets and a huge expanse of countertop. It also added a small kitchen island to serve as a chopping station, serving station or snack station.

We’re here to help you look at your kitchen with new eyes and see how you make your kitchen work for you.