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New Construction Update

By October 23, 2020August 11th, 2021No Comments

The allure of a custom home is the ability to create a home that is responsive 100% to your needs and also appeals to your sense of style. In opposition to a tract home, where one of the biggest concerns is the bottom line and speed, a custom home gives homeowners the opportunity to think carefully about what they want. Our current custom home showcases just what makes this process so special. Details great and small all bear the mark — “we chose this.”

One of the unique features of this home is the exterior color. Check out the before and after. No cookie cutter farmhouse painted white (there are so many shades of white, have you realized?) found here. The shakes and siding are painted dark, dark gray. Striking and unique.

The porch features slate flooring, heaters mounted to the ceiling and some fantastic wood planked ceiling.

And the library? It has custom rough hewn beams balancing out the dark built in cabinetry. It already feels like a great place to sit down with an engrossing volume. Or a great place to have a Zoom meeting with everyone craning to get a view of your amazing bookcases.

The dining room continues the love affair with custom woodwork. A feature wall with architectural fretwork captures most of our attention, however, the small glimpse of the trey ceiling with inlaid planks take what in most houses is a somewhat boring room and turns it into a real WOW factor.