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Roswell Remodel: Master Suite

The last in our series on our whole home remodel in Roswell Country Club is the perfect complement to the eclectic open design with a nod to the modern farmhouse that transformed the kitchen & living areas. The BAC team massively reconfigured the master suite to include a much larger bathroom, taking over what used to be a secondary bedroom to add the necessary square footage.

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Historical Fireplace

Our owners, Ben & Stephanie, recently finished their custom new home in Cumming, GA, and if you followed their journey, you'll know they started with inspiration in the form of the beautiful stone cottage in Transylvania County, NC. They even had the opportunity to tour the interior of the home, thanks to the gracious homeowners. One of the interior features that Ben knew he wanted to bring to their Cumming, GA home was the three piece stone fireplace.

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Finishing Touches

Long term projects like new homes have their pacing -- certain parts of the project appear to go quickly, certain parts seem to take longer. External forces like permits, inspections, and the weather can each have their own role in slowing or speeding a job up. As the end of a project draws to a close, time seems to hit fast forward. There's never enough time, seemingly, but so much is being accomplished each day! 

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