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We remodel kitchen spaces to fit and function the way you do.

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Reimagine your kitchen the way it should be. 

Transforming Your Kitchen Into The One You Always Imagined

Kitchens are typically designed to accommodate the working triangle between the cook top, sink, and the refrigerator for optimal efficiency and traffic. There are a variety of different layouts, such as galley, L-shaped, peninsula, etc., to design from. However, the current layout of your kitchen might not make the most efficient working triangle for you. Shouldn’t your kitchen’s layout mirror your lifestyle?

Benjamin Andrew Construction uses both expert craftsmanship and strong work ethic to design a customized kitchen space that meets your specific needs.

We see the big picture and all of the tiny details that make your kitchen functional for you, which may include:

  • Specialized storage spaces
  • Multifunctional island surfaces
  • Layered lighting
  • Built-in appliances

We make sure every square inch of your kitchen serves a purpose and is aesthetically pleasing so you can efficiently and enjoyably prep, cook, and entertain in your home. Rather than piecemealing together your kitchen’s remodel, why not choose a more comprehensive approach to ensure the space cohesively fits and functions the way you do? The craftsmanship and value we provide for our clients is unparalleled so you can finally have the kitchen you have always imagined.

Our design agreements ensure accuracy.

Researching every detail to provide the most accurate estimates for your kitchen remodel investment. 

There are several moving parts to a kitchen remodel which is why it is important to develop a clear outline of how to best tackle it. The time and research we put into our design agreements is one of the most important parts of your kitchen remodel.

Once we review the scope of work, we take time researching every detail of your kitchen remodel for the most accurate estimate, including:

  • Our estimated time and each detail of the project
  • Engineered set of blueprints that are good for permitting
  • Designer
  • (Optional) interior designer to help you select the best furnishings

Because we invest such a high-level of research into every detail of your kitchen remodel project, Benjamin Andrew Construction helps to mitigate and avoid any surprises down the road. Our thorough, detail oriented approach allows us to provide you with the kitchen spaces you had hoped for—the first time.

From concept to completion, we have the resources and expertise to make your dream kitchen a reality.

From Research to Completion

From detailed research to kitchen completion and every micro detail in between, we will transform your kitchen into a space that fits and functions the way you do.

We can transform your cookie cutter kitchen into a space where you truly feel like you belong.

We want to improve your home value and lifestyle, by giving you a functional space to last a lifetime. Our high attention to detail and quality is reflected in our craftsmanship and product helping to stay on budget and time. Let us help make your day-to-day life at home easier by transforming your kitchen into the space you have always imagined. Contact us today to learn how we can help make it a reality.

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Our company’s purpose is to elevate your construction experience through our commitment to glorify God, be principled and joyful in our approach to building — executing each project with a craftsman’s eye and attention to detail.

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