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Expand your home’s living space by reimagining your outdoor living spaces.

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There is still a part of your home that does not fit quite right—your outdoor porch spaces.

Shouldn’t you be able to relax, entertain, and create memories on your outdoor porch without having the hassle of managing every aspect?

You may have your dream home, but something still feels like it is missing. There are very limited, if any, outdoor entertaining or relaxing spaces. Whether you want to comfortably watch your kids play ball or sip sweet tea and chat with family and friends, investing in a comfortable outdoor porch can make it more enjoyable.

Having an outdoor porch space is the missing piece to making your home feel complete. However, successfully designing and creating the perfect outdoor porch space often requires a bit of expertise, and managing the many “stand-alone” designer, remodeler, or permitting services can be complex.

Reimagining Your Outdoor Spaces With The Perfect Porch

Folding chairs and unpaved earth without sturdy coverings for shade is less than the ideal way to spend time outdoors at your home. At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we manage your outdoor porch projects from concept to completion.

Our team can help refresh your spaces to provide you with a timeless quality addition to your home’s exterior that functions well so you can continue to effortlessly make lasting memories.

Our team can help refresh your spaces to provide you with a timeless quality addition to your home’s exterior.

From Research to Completion

Investing the time and resources needed to provide you with the most accurate estimates and the outdoor porch spaces your home has been missing.

Do you love everything about your home – except your outdoor space?

Your home’s interior functions perfectly for your lifestyle, but your outdoor spaces could use a little bit of work. Investing in your outdoor spaces and adding or renovating your porch can boost the value of your home and allow you to enjoy every aspect of it–inside and out.

We pay attention to the details.

Every detail of your project matters which is why we thoroughly evaluate each aspect and square inch of your project before we begin so that you have a detailed understanding of what is involved in making the outside of your home a more functional space.

We put a high level of detail into our design agreements to provide you with the most accurate estimate of your project, including:

  • Our estimated time and each detail of the project
  • Engineered set of blueprints that are good for permitting
  • Designer
  • (Optional) interior designer to help you select the best furnishings

At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we want to improve every part of your home making it functional and agreeable for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how we can help give you the functional outdoor space you need.

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Our company’s purpose is to elevate your construction experience through our commitment to glorify God, be principled and joyful in our approach to building — executing each project with a craftsman’s eye and attention to detail.

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