Whole House Rennovation

Renovating your whole home to make each space function for you.

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Cookie cutter homes often don’t function the way you do. Whole home renovations transform an average space into your space.

Chances are that you purchased a house that was designed with someone else in mind.

From the location of your kitchen sink to the square feet in the laundry room, everything you do in your home feels out of place. It shouldn’t feel like you are battling with the layout of your home to entertain and relax in it.

Whether you have rearranged the furniture or hired an interior designer, these solo services have yet to improve the function of your home. At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we are able to design, remodel and comprehensively renovate your whole home to make your spaces work the way you do.

Reconstructing The Bones Of Your House Into The Home of Your Dreams

You went through the process of purchasing your home, now let us go through the process of perfecting it from designing and permitting to hiring subcontractors, architects, designers and more.

Our experienced team at Benjamin Andrew Construction is equipped to manage every facet of your project ensuring your whole home renovations are cost effective and efficiently accomplished from plan development through project completion.

We can help you re-imagine your spaces and make your home a true reflection of you.

From Concept to Full Renovation

You will be able to finally feel like every square inch of your home was designed to look, feel, and function the way you do.

At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we value our work and ensure the quality of what we do is done right and going to function in your life for a long time.

Our team studies every micro detail of your project for accurate estimations and design plans. Let our expertise from three generations of remodelers, and builders help renovate your whole home to function well and fit your needs.

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Our company’s purpose is to elevate your construction experience through our commitment to glorify God, be principled and joyful in our approach to building — executing each project with a craftsman’s eye and attention to detail.

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