Time for Demolition

It's always exciting to get started on a new project. Out come the paint chips, plumbing fixture catalogues, Pinterest boards, and multiple trips to showrooms. More fun awaits, however, when the sledgehammers get going and drywall crumbles and tile shards fly into the air -- this is demolition! This step peels the layers off, one by one, until you hit the outline, the boundaries of your creativity. There's not really a great way to describe the feeling of standing in your stripped, empty space, with just ideas to go on. Exhilarating, perhaps (with a little bit of nerve-wracking thrown in there)? What does our team bring to the equation? Ben has stood there countless times and guided the transformation from the destruction phase to the completion, from homeowner ideas to realities. 

Going, Going, Gone!

This project is a master bath remodel and is a perfect example of a room that had been designed thoughtfully and with style in the past, but was completely ready for a new look. 

Bye, Bye, tile!

Spacious double vanity with a wraparound mirror -- say goodbye to all of that glass!

Good Neighbors

Although this photo doesn't showcase our bathroom remodel, it does show Benjamin Andrew Construction behind the scenes. To be good neighbors, we treat your house the way we would treat our own. We know that remodeling a bathroom can track all sorts of dust and debris in and out of the house if done sloppily, but our team goes the extra mile to keep it clean. 

Ready to pick up a sledgehammer and start over somewhere in your house? We'd love to hear from you today!