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A Firm Foundation

A firm foundation is absolutely necessary when building secure & stable structures meant to house our families, those we love and cherish. Even the Sunday School dittie picks up on this theme, "The wise man built his house upon the ROCK!" with emphasis of fists pounding each like a hammer driving nails. 

A strong foundation is no less important when adding on to a house. A proper foundation for a remodeling project may consist of additional footers or concrete being poured. It may consist of proper architectural renderings for your project. It might consist of an efficient and experienced contractor making detailed plans to get your project done in the least amount of time with the fewest number of days on the job all the while caring for your property as though it were his own. Or, it might mean all of those things. 

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Luxe Bathroom

This fall, Benjamin Andrew Construction was busy taking blueprints and making realities -- renovated bathrooms, kitchens, additions, and outdoor living space. These projects give a great showcase of what we're all about -- custom solutions to all sorts of renovation needs. We can take out, add on, take off, go up, and go out, and we do it all with a craftsman sense of preserving the good, refreshing the tired, and renewing with tried and true materials that will last. The next few weeks, we'll bring you tours of our finished projects. Can't wait to share them all!

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Open to Possibilities

Among the many ongoing projects Benjamin Andrew Construction has going this fall, this remodel of a 1930's home on the outskirts of Atlanta is dramatic. The home has been added on to once before, with a two story addition, but the current homeowners have a multi-phase project starting this fall to reorganize, refresh, and recycle parts of the original 1930's main floor.

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