Custom Solutions

One of our promises to clients is to come up with solutions that fit their particular needs, not using mass-produced "solutions" that cannot anticipate each home's idiosyncrasies. Remember the customized barn doors, the doors carefully re-sized to fit the newly redone interiors, or the ultimate custom man-cave


While our construction team has been focused on the structural aspects of our Kitchen & Bath Remodel for James & Arow, Ben and our homeowners have been finalizing the interior finishes. During the cabinet design process, Arow came up with a problem -- none of the stock legs from the cabinet manufacturer were just right for her vanity make-up table. Solution? Ben crafted one to spec. Maple lumber, cut to size, glued together, planed & sanded did the job. The next step is sending this custom solution to the finishers to be ready to install along with the rest of the bathroom cabinets. 


The kitchen addition has made the transition from blueprints to site prep (grading and concrete work) to framing, siding, and painting. 

The bump-out is providing our homeowners with the perfect opportunity to add on to their outdoor living space, some of it covered by an extension of the shed roof along almost the entire rear of the home. 

TA-DA -- A wonderful covered porch with some sunny spots for deck boxes full of flowers or maybe an herb garden. The new doors provide a functional and beautiful entrance from the kitchen. 

A small porch provides enough space for a boot tray or a grill and an additional entrance into the kitchen.


The temporary wall is down, but there is still a bit more demolition to go. 

There we go! With the removal of the cased opening, the kitchen is really starting to open up. Next step -- drywall, flooring & cabinets that will really make this space POP. 

From large solutions to small details, Benjamin Andrew Construction makes it our goal to provide each homeowner and each project with a customized approach that exceed expectations. We like to think outside the box for solutions that make our homeowners happy. 

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