Farmhouse Kitchen: Demo

A swift perusal through the latest home remodeling magazines will give a taste of the very diverse ideas trending in kitchen design right now. However, it seems that no matter the style, in design there is something that unites the current trend in kitchen remodels -- the open floor plan.  What have we learned from the past? Walls are confining; they separate. Upper cabinets aren't really necessary for storage. The work of the kitchen doesn't have to be separated from relaxation or talk or togetherness. The result? Kitchens that are more connected to the rest of the home. Moms & dads rejoice! We can work AND play, talk AND cook, wash AND help with homework. 

Our homeowners are taking their new property and reworking the kitchen to reflect a better work flow period, and certainly a greater degree of connectedness with other areas of the home. They had been planning to remodel their previous home, and had contacted Ben during the quote process. When this new property popped on the horizon, Stacy and Todd felt that it was the best of both worlds. While it still needed some work to make it home, they could do the work BEFORE they moved in. Stacy emailed Ben and asked for a fresh quote on a new house and a new plan. Pictures showcase some of the problems they plan to address in their remodel. 

the plan

The original design elements for this kitchen were not cohesive -- beautiful hardwood floors, a 'natural' finish on the cabinets, black appliances and a white countertop. The failed attempt to pull it all together? The stone backsplash. On a structural level, to create a hallway behind this wall, the builder devised two diagonals to ease the corners. This created a very poor working space between the perimeter cabinets and the island. In fact, the refrigerator door couldn't be opened by someone standing in front of the sink!

The plan? Knock down a few walls and get rid of the awkward angles and arched entrances. New kitchen cabinets, a new layout, and new countertops. Add a door, replace a door, and move a door. All pulled together with a cohesive Farmhouse style  -- Shaker cabinets, a glass door into the pantry, planking & beams in the vaulted ceiling over the table, and an incredible show-stopper of a two-story fireplace. 


The peninsula and half wall of upper cabinets were perhaps functional, but certainly not beautiful and really cut off the working part of the kitchen from the living room completely. The wall to the left and the wall straight ahead are both on the chopping block. 

A better view from the living room -- awkward peninsula, wouldn't you say?


On your marks? Get ready, get set & GO! It's demo time. Out first? The appliances, cabinets, and countertops, then drywall. 

Now for the other side. 

The short header has got to go to make way for a new longer one that will cover the entire span of the new opening. 

In it goes -- this will disperse the load of the upstairs and roof and enable the wall framing to come on down. 

Meanwhile, across the way, a two story fireplace surround is going up. This accent wall is going to create the perfect focal point for the great-room and will tie into the planking on the kitchen ceiling.. 


See something you like? Here are more pictures of finished projects & kind words from clients. Have a project in mind? Give us a shout.