A Firm Foundation

A firm foundation is absolutely necessary when building secure & stable structures meant to house our families, those we love and cherish. Even the Sunday School dittie picks up on this theme, "The wise man built his house upon the ROCK!" with emphasis of fists pounding each like a hammer driving nails. 

A strong foundation is no less important when adding on to a house. A proper foundation for a remodeling project may consist of additional footers or concrete being poured. It may consist of proper architectural renderings for your project. It might consist of an efficient and experienced contractor making detailed plans to get your project done in the least amount of time with the fewest number of days on the job all the while caring for your property as though it were his own. Or, it might mean all of those things. 

Part One: The Kitchen

One of our current jobs for the James and Arow has transformed their backyard and footprint by adding a bump-out to their kitchen, and giving them a low deck to enjoy their wooded view. Watch as we prepared their new foundation for the bump-out form rebar to the concrete forms. 


Ready to Pour!

The new bump-out is framed & wrapped, and the new deck is in place. This will make a lovely option for outdoor dining.


On the Inside

The new walls are framed, and it will soon be time for the temp wall to be torn down. Opening up to some wide open spaces!

Part Two: The Bathroom

The old shower stall and bathtub have been ripped out, and with minimal sheetrock damage, our crew has run the new wiring, too! 

Framing in the water closet in the new layout. 

We can't wait to unveil the finished remodel for James & Arow. 

Firm foundations consist of much more than concrete & rebar. Careful planning, communication with our homeowners, and quality installations are ways we ensure each homeowner has a stress-free experience with Benjamin Andrew Construction.

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