Uncovering Remodeling Gold

For anyone in the business or even someone who has watched television shows about the remodeling business, the words, "We ripped up the carpet and found. . ." is a dramatic sentence opener. And found mold? And found rotten subfloor? All of those hidden costs for repair can be a homeowner's nightmare. But the answer everyone DOES want to hear is this. . . we found original hardwoods. 

Our clients recently purchased this bungalow in the Atlanta area. Dark, bold colors had made the rooms feel dark, and before the homeowners were ready to move in, they had their own fixer upper list! The entire inside of the home is going to be repainted fresh hues that bring light into the home. The old carpet had to go, too. As we began to tear up the carpet, we uncovered that remodeling gold -- original red oak flooring from the 50's, complete with all of the creaks and squeaks, and with plenty of patina. Sanding the floors down, staining in a darker tone to contrast the light filled paint pallette, and finishing with a fresh coat of poly will make these floors not only a fabulous find, but increase the value of the home from the minute they walk in the door. What an amazing find!

Who covers this up???

To complete the interior upgrade, we are going to add trim and replace several doors.

The walkway to the detached garage from the back kitchen door is also getting a redo  -- we are transforming the area into a portico so that rainy weather doesn't mean running into the house with armfuls of groceries while trying to hold an umbrella. Is this back door ready for a makeover or what? 

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