Barn Door Boom

What makes the trend in barn doors so hot right now? Are you afraid to jump on this trend because it may fade and be yesterday's brass fixture all too soon? The overall trend of incorporating rural design with city life is not new (remember those country style living rooms from the 90's?); it has merely changed and grown with time. 

Barn doors aren’t just for the farm anymore—they’re one of the most sought-after features for homes of all styles.
— Karen Ziga, This Old House

The good news is that barn doors have come a long way since people ripped them off of old barns and brought them into their houses. There are now a variety of finishes, colors, and styles to select from. Worried it won't blend in with your home?  Unsure of just where you might use such a bold design element? Take a sliding barn-door tour through the home for a few ideas and a better idea of the scope of today's barn door trend. 

Living Rooms

This door replaces a more traditional French door but carries a few advantages over it -- when open it is out of the way, when closed, it provides more privacy and sound barrier. Perhaps the biggest difference between them is that the barn door has any number of positions between open and closed that allow you to customize your needs for privacy, openness, and sound. Want to host a tapas party -- throw open the doors! Want to be in earshot while your daughter does her homework but give her enough quiet -- crack the doors halfway. Want your son to practice the piano -- slide those doors shut. 

Master Bath

In a master suite, the balance between privacy and connection are different than the public areas of the home. 

Again, this provides privacy when the occasion arises, but allows the master suite to be more connected to the room, making the frequent in and out of the morning rush easier.  No more swinging doors. This horizontal plank style is more rustic and the darker stain really pops in this neutral room. 

As a Pantry door

Via John Hummel and Associates

Via John Hummel and Associates

What a statement in an overlooked (though useful) corner of the house! If your pantry is in a tight spot, a sliding door may even be helpful in eliminating that open door problem. 

In a hallway laundry room

This totally transforms the hallway. Gone are the tight fits with the laundry baskets or the constant squeeze around the open laundry room doors.

Vendor Highlight

At Benjamin Andrew Construction, we pride ourselves on choosing vendors that supply quality products and variety for our clients. We want you to have the ability to choose both quality, function, durability, and beauty in everything from fixtures to windows and even down to a small detail like hardware pulls. Artisan Hardware is one of our purveyors of Barn Doors along with the hardware and slides that make this style so unique.  Check out the Artisan Hardware site for more information about the barn doors they carry. 

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