Roswell Remodel

Tucked away in wooded golf-course lot, a 1980's home boasted gorgeous views, but an exterior and interior that needed more than a facelift. Our whole home remodeling team, working alongside architect Steven T. Giampetro, moved, removed and added walls on the first floor as part of a redesign of the master bath, office, kitchen, and living room. The upstairs and basement are both getting updated, with the upstairs bath being completely remade for plumbing stubs up to tile! 

This massive vaulted great room got chopped in half to create a luxurious master bath and office with amazing golf course views. 


Framing for the master bathroom. 


Newly created office is getting a wall of Precision Millworks windows! (Out come the old windows!)


Now we can see what all the fuss was about -- check out this beautiful golf course view.


When the great room shifted, the kitchen also got a complete makeover, part of which was removing one window to make space for more cabinets in the back corner. To add more light to the room, however, our client chose a gorgeous 10 foot sliding door from Pella. 


And now for some of the exterior transformation. Besides replacing all of the windows in the house, we had one or two design dilemmas. For instance, what to do with the chimney & fireplace that were in the great room now turned bathroom? On the interior, we removed the fireplace box and framed in a wall. On the outside, we first cut the chimney down to be inline with the roof. 


The best idea came when we had to decide what to do (if anything) with the old chimney space. Ben came up with the solution of converting the unused chimney into outdoor storage, so down came the stucco, up went some interior framing plus sheetrocking and a exterior door will be added soon. 


Here's a picture to give you an idea of what the house looked like during the remodel--BAC did all of the window work, while the homeowners brought in another company to remediate the stucco and redesign the exterior cladding to include siding & shake painted contrasting colors. 


The modern aesthetic provides balance to the distinct layers of the home. 


Great collaboration, guys! We wrapped up the exterior work last week, but Benjamin Andrew Construction has more work to do inside the home.  Stay up to date on the progress on the kitchen, living room, new master bath, office, up and downstairs remodels!

Collaborators: Architect Steven Giampetro


Vendors: Precision Millworks & Pella