Making Your Vision Reality, Part 2

Every project begins with a big idea. The King family didn’t just want more space, they wanted more views, more light. They didn’t want to have to head out on to the deck to enjoy the sun sparkling on the lake, they wanted to bring those views right into their living room. Working alongside Steven Giampetro, we got to work making the King’s vision become their new reality.

The project started this fall, with demolition and site prep and the many, many mundane details regarding foundations, drains, waterproofing — important but not thrilling to the heart generally. However, construction is now underway, and daily the framework for the new rooms, new windows, and new doors are coming together. New structures soar into the sky, giving real shape to the ideas that started with pen and ink on paper months ago.

These were the “Before” pictures.


The back wall of living room on the upper level and bedroom on the basement level need to come down, along with a portion of the roof.


With the old roof & walls out of the way, the addition begins to take real shape. Restructuring the roof line requires reallocating the structural integrity of the whole home as well. And now we begin to see some of the view that our homeowners are hoping to capture.


Framing & plywood are up — the new family room will have a two shed dormers bringing light through the vaulted ceiling in addition to a whole wall of windows facing the lake.


Something about those last rays of day and the living beauty of framing — just beautiful. And for the Kings — this is their vision, their new reality!


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Architect: Steven T. Giampetro