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Making Your Vision Reality, Part 2

Every project begins with a big idea. The King family didn’t just want more space, they wanted more views, more light. They didn’t want to have to head out on to the deck to enjoy the sun sparkling on the lake, they wanted to bring those views right into their living room. Working alongside Steven Giampetro, we got to work making the King’s vision become their new reality.

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The Making of a House

Building a home is both a science and an art. It requires faith and hard work. No wonder the process is frequently used as a metaphor for life, and sometimes we use life as a metaphor for building a home.  "The making of a house is a strange blend of dreams and mundane work, of heaven and earth" is the way that Paul Goldberger, the architectural critic for the New York Times described it. The dreams, the inspiration and the exacting, careful, back-breaking labor come together in such a tangible way.

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